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About me

My Story

I was born and raised in a mid-western town in the 60's with four brothers in a working class family.  My father was from Mexico and my mother from the south.  Being a child of two different cultures i felt different and that I didn't completely belong in either.    I grew up loving to go to church, being in nature, and dancing...the places I felt closest to the Divine.  


From a very young age I was aware of people's energies. It always bothered me when people were upset and fought because I believed everyone should be happy, there should be a way to get along.  My mom said "I was in love with love".  At a young age I proclaimed that I was going to learn a way to help people get along with each just took me until my 50's to follow my soul's purpose.   

After lots of prayer and a serious car accident I decided it was time to do what I had been called to do. Although, before I could help others, I knew I needed to do a great deal of healing from my own past traumas and wounds.  The journey of healing has been at times very difficult, but always deeply rewarding.   

My gifts are the gifts of compassion, enthusiasm, flexibility, creativity and restoration.  What I want for the world is healing, love, grace, compassion, joy, authenticity and feeling connected.  I love to listen, to hold sacred space and for my clients to have breakthrough awareness so they may tap into who they truly are.

My Education and Training

Chakra Intuitive Mastery

Margaret Lynch Raniere 2023

Certified Clear Beliefs Coach

Lion Goodman 2021

Positive Intelligence Training

Positive Intelligence 2022

iPEC Certified Professional Coach

iPEC 2020

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

iPEC 2020

Certified Heart of Partnership Coach

Alison Armstrong PAX Programs 2017

Certified Full Spectrum Energy Practioner

Rhys Thomas Institute 2017

Certified Healing Your Heart Coach

Ford Institute 2013

Certified Integrative Coach

Ford Institute 2012

Certified Spiritual Director

Institute of Spiritual Leadership 2010

BS in Accounting 

Bradley University 1981

I am not a Doctor nor a Licensed Therapist

I do not diagnose illness, disease, or mental disorder. Nor do I prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals.  Energy work and coaching are not substitutes for medical examination or diagnosis and that it is recommended that clients see a M. D. for any physical or mental ailment.   

Coaching and Energy work are great compliments to medical treatment and counseling services.  As a coach I do not make decisions for you.  

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